Introduction to devops

An introduction to devops by a seasoned dba.

Here I will attempt to guide readers through the many pitfalls I have encountered over the years trying to learn and understand compuer systems and more specifically the vagaries of Devops.

One of the most consistent issues I have experienced in so much of the  documentation, whether in a Chef recipe or a Git repository, is the assumption that the reader already knows the answers to half of what they are asking.

I, like most people, don’t know everything and it is so frustrating to be trying to learn how to install and use one product when you encounter simple statements such as install the database software on the os environment and then find that this prerequisite won’t install or work because the latest version of the OS you are using doesn’t automaticaly include the software needed or the author just says install libx9876hhgPAS or whatever without providing some indication of where that software might be.

In this rapidly changing world I do understand how hard it is to include everything in the instructions but I do believe the level of documentation in the public realm needs to improve.

I do know I’m not going to be presenting perfect documentation but I will attempt to document every step and show where everything comes from.

I’m a little late putting my experiences onto the web and in Git but over the next few months, time permitting, I hope to rewrite, check and then add the documentation I have gathered over the years.

The following pages will predominantly center on AWS configurations but only because it provides the longest available free tier.