Terraform AWS Security file

The file containing the keys that will be used by Terraform to connect to AWS and build our infrastructure will be built from the CSV file downloaded in the previous section.

CSV File

The csv file contains:

  • User name


  • Password

  • Access key ID


  • Secret access key


  • Console login link


Security FilE

The security file used later in these instructions by terraform,


will contain :

aws_access_key = ” AKIAJHTNGDN8TMJ3ITDA “
aws_secret_key = ” 3048igvnGBwHQrL/Tly3mvzkQPcvmqoR/70tHR5G “
aws_key_name = “DevopsDBA”


Do not under any circumstances let these values be uploaded to any public repository, e.g. GIT

These keys will allow any user with these vaues to cause as much damage as they want.

People have incurred charges of hundreds of pounds through the malicous use of these keys to create AWS VM’s. Do not let that happen to you.

The values above are dummy entries.