WordPress web converted to flat file S3 – Part 1

These are the instructions I used to convert this WordPress web using MySQL to flat files on AWS S3

You will need:

  • An AWS account
  • A website
  • Xampp

Generate the static website files.

As this is a WordPress site I used Xampp on my laptop to store the website files and database.
I Loaded the plugin WP2Static onto the site.
I set the Settings/Permalinks value to "Numeric"

n.b. I'm not sure why this was needed but its one step I had to take to get the static website working

To export the static website I then went to the WP2Static tab and entered the followin

Create the S3 bucket

Create the S3 bucket for your website, in this case isitdevops.com
Ensure the bucket policy allows all access.

Upload the website files

Move into the bucket and select Upload

Drag/Drop the files, select Next, Select Grant Public Read Access and then Upload.

Kick off the website

Go to the bucket properties page and select the "Static Website Hosting"tab. 

Enter index.html as the index document
Save the endpoint displayed in the popup.
Select Save.
Test the website using the endpointas the web address.