WordPress web converted to flat file S3 – Part 2

We now have the website uploaded and working using an S3 bucket link, lets now add the DNS to AWS

I registered the DNS name isitdevops.com using the AWS Route53 menus. This automatically creates the hosted zone for “isitdevops.com”

Using the AWS documentation create the Route53 DNS entry.


Register a domain at the AWS Route53 console.
In the Route53 console:
Choose Hosted Zones. In the list of hosted zones, choose the name of the hosted zone that matches your domain name.

Choose Create Record Set
Specify the following values:
Name Accept the default value, which is the name of your hosted zone and your domain.
For the root domain, you do not need to enter any additional information in the Name field.
Type, Choose A – IPv4 address. Alias, Choose Yes. Alias Target In the S3 website endpoints section of the list, choose the same bucket name that appears in the Name field, for example example.com (s3-website-us-west-2). Routing Policy Accept the default value of Simple.
Evaluate Target Health Accept the default value of No.
The screenshot below shows the alias record for the root domain, isitdevops.com:

Choose Create.

The website is now available as isitdevops.com

Create a subdomain

i.e. create a website under the domain isitdevops.com, e.g. test.isitdevops.com

This website will actually be stored as a seperate S3 bucket.

First you will need to create an S3 bucket, e.g. “test.isitdevops.com”, set this up as a hosted website and upload the website files. Test the website works by using the Endpoint created when you setup the static website. All this is identical to the process we have follwed in part 1.

  • Create the S3 bucket test.isitdevops.com
  • Ensure the bucket has public read access.
  • Upload an index.html to the bucket ensuring public read access.
  • Selecting Properties tab in the bucket set the bucket as a static web hosting bucket; note the Endpoint displayed in the popup.
  • Test the Endpoint to ensure the website is working

In Route53 create a new hosted zone, “test.isitdevops.com”

In the test.isitdevops.com Hosted Zone page, note the NS record set created

In the test.isitdevops.com Hosted Zone page, select “Create Record Set” and create an alias record set for the S3 bucket.

After selecting the isitdevops.com Hosted Zone on the Hosted Zones page select “Create Record Set” and enter the “test” name and the NS record values from above.

Wait up to 15 minutes and the web page “test.isitdevops.com” should be available.